Re: [hatari-devel] Strange problem with Floppy access in Falcon mode & TOS 4.04

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On 19.5.2023 16.36, Thorsten Otto wrote:
with hatari built from current source, i encounter some strange floppy disk
read errors when accessing a normal file image of 1440KB. The root directory
is shown without errors, i can also open some subdirectories, but when trying
to display text files, i get read error on some (but not all) of them. Any
idea what might be causing this?

config file is attached, if that matters.

I'm sure the image itself is ok, since i can access it without errors both
when running emutos or tos 3.06.

Do you mean that the original floppy, from which you made an image, works on a real Atari (TT)?

If yes, how did you convert your floppy to an image, and to which image format?

I mean, what exactly you are comparing as working, and not working?

	- Eero

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