Re: [hatari-devel] Regression joystick subsystem

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Am Sun, 14 May 2023 22:06:36 +0200
schrieb Christian Zietz <czietz@xxxxxxx>:

> Matthias Arndt schrieb:
> > When I start Hatari in fullscreen mode with joystick support
> > enabled, e.g. USB gamepad, it seems to work fine and all movements,
> > buttons do work.
> > If I now toggle fullscreen to windowed mode, the joystick stops
> > working. Also reconfiguration to keyboard joystick seems not to
> > work.
> >
> > This is with the SDL2 backend.
> >
> > I can confirm the regression as a Hatari binary build in 2021 from
> > my backup works ok with the same configuration and game image,  
> Could it be (again) a problem with your *local* build instead of
> within Hatari? I just tested the joystick support with a PS4
> controller under Windows running Hatari e8a902a5, using SDL 2. No
> issues occur when switching from fullscreen to windowed mode (and
> back). In other words: I cannot confirm what you're observing.
> Regards
> Christian
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As I told you I am myself not sure anymore. I used fresh directories
with no local changes, unpacking of tarballs from the given changesets
or a fresh git clone (as those were the initial suggestions).

What I do in the CMake settings:

set build type to Release, installation to /opt/hatari and disable

What puzzles me is that the old version freshly compiled has issues
while the old compiled version works, That is very weird and if you
can't reproduce it, I am even more puzzled.

If it cannot be repoduced, that is fine for me. I'd still would like to
understand the problem.

I can check if building with clang instead of gcc makes a difference.

Best regards,

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