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Am Wed, 22 Feb 2023 18:40:42 +0000
schrieb Thomas Huth <th.huth@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Am Wed, 22 Feb 2023 10:16:25 +0100
> schrieb Christian Zietz <czietz@xxxxxxx>:
> > Miro Kropáček schrieb:
> >   
> > > in case somebody hasn't noticed (like me): the github mirror
> > > (
> > > has stopped working since some time ago. So use the official repository:
> > > if not done already.    
> Yes, sorry for that. I used the mirroring feature from to
> automatically mirror the repo from tuxfamily to gitlab and from there to
> github. But a couple of week ago, gitlab decided that mirroring is now a
> premium feature you've got to pay for, so the automatic mirroring does not
> work anymore now. I'm still updating the gitlab and github repos manually
> every other weekend or so, but of course this means that they are falling
> behind in between.
> When I've got a lot of spare time again, I have to look for an alternative
> for automatic mirroring, but that won't happen any time soon, I guess.

FWIW, I had a quick try in some spare minutes at the weekend, and I luckily
found a way to enable automatic mirroring again. So the github mirror
should be up to date again now (it gets sync'ed multiple times a day).


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