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Hi, Bonsoir,
I finished my program started in the years 90...93. This text is a report on the use of Hatari on a macbook pro (I7 at 2.9 GHz) in the context of programming.
The most annoying point is the keyboard. I think someone has already solved this problem. If so, I would like the information or where I can find it. A number of characters are not on the correct key and the four-sign keys are totally out of the keys on Apple. the most terrible are certain key combinations as "command-c":"copy" on the mac and "reset" on Hatari (I yelled a great number of times and came back on mac I did "control-C" to  copy!!!. If the Mac keyboard problem is not solved I would like to have an additional setting to reverse the "control" and "command" keys in the key combinations. For programming, I used Pure-C. in MegaSte mode at 16 MHz. The Pure-C debugger has display faults or the mouse disappears each time you come out of a "debugging" (in French: mise au point). I've seen some pretty clear differences between what Sozobon and Pure-C admit. 
I put the program in attachment with the file LANG_EN.RSC, to have the program in French modify the name in LANG_FR.RSC. the program is not very fast because the number of nested loops is 15 and the innermost loop can be traversed 2.7 million times in the worst case. The same algorithm on my mac takes less than a second. If you try it and find any bugs, let me know.

And happy New Year !

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