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Le 04/12/2022 à 21:22, Miro Kropáček a écrit :
On Sun, 4 Dec 2022 at 14:20, Thorsten Otto <admin@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:admin@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    I agree that he surely did a great job. If something in my previous
    post could be interpreted differently, i apologize.

Perhaps I should have phrased it a bit differently, too. I just wanted to do a friendly nudge towards possible Hatari extensions. :)

    But his goals are different than what Hatari does. Its more like
    what Aranym does, running supported programs at maximum achievable

Actually, this! Perhaps I should have asked this instead -- what do you think about Hatari having this kind of feature? IIRC even WinUAE has an option to maximise the emulation speed while maintaining video/sound timings, couldn't Hatari offer something similar? You know, something like "software emulated Nemesis/Phantom", i.e. one could say that hey, I want 030/DSP/RAM access at 4x the usual speed and you'd get 64 MHz 030, 128 MHz DSP and 1/64 MHz bus access time. Imagine all those demos suffering from low framerate... :-)


changing cpu speed in hatari is already possible ; dsp is locked to 32 MHz, but it would no be a problem to add higher freq. ram is a little different, but if you want to say that it's 1/64 MHz when running cpu at 64 Mhz, let's just say that any ram access is 0 cycle :)

As for the demos suffering from low framerate, many demos are using dsp to play mod files, and sometimes they don't use the "handshake" method provided by the DSP when sending date between cpu<->dsp ; in such case,

I can guarantee that demos will run just worse as before.

Modifying cpu/dsp speed can be useful for programs that do everything using OS, but for game/demos, results can be unpredictable.

WinUAE has a JIT mode that is not used yet in Hatari, maybe it will be enabled later when todo list is exhausted :)

I think that would create quite a wave of interest, beating any super-accurate Hatari feature. ;-)

you opinion, not sure everyone / the majority has the same goal. If so, you can use aranym already, but if the goal is to reach accuracy compared to real HW, then it seems it's Hatari's job at the moment :)


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