Re: [hatari-devel] Preparing for next release 2.4

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On 20.6.2022 20.48, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
with the work done recently by everyone, what are the open / blocking issue ?

On my side, falcon's sound is fixed and I don't see any urgent fix to be done.
Laurent will have a look at the DSP change and maybe fix it (or revert it).

what do other need to push ?

I have nothing that could not wait until after the release.

There's this one issue at atari-forum that would be good to be verified that it's the same issue that Thomas already fixed, before release.

I think all the Hatari docs can be updated to 2.4 while waiting couple of days for the user to answer.

Btw. There have also been few issues on atari-forum where it seems like Hatari boolean options do not work (enabling NatFeats in one case, selecting ext disassembly output in another), but I think in both case it's under Windows, i.e. out of our hands.

	- Eero

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