Re: [hatari-devel] Deadlock while closing serial port

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Hi Thomas,

On 27.5.2022 12.33, Thomas Huth wrote:
I noticed that we already have a File_InputAvailable() function in file.c
that could be used for polling, so I changed now the rs232 code to use
that, too, and dropped the thread code there now.

That was a nice simplification for the code, thanks!

You added RS232 update call only to MFP_Main_InterruptHandler_TimerD(), not MFP_TT_InterruptHandler_TimerD().

Will that first function be called also on TT?

(I.e. is that second function for second MFP on TT?)

Also, is reading (at max) single byte every timer-D interrupt enough for RS232? Even when RS232 is configured for max speed, and Hatari "--timer-d yes" option is used?

Not that this function uses select(), so I guess this still won't work
right on Windows... if someone really needs the rs232 code there, they have
to come up with an implementation of File_InputAvailable() for this OS (I
personally neither have a clue nor an installation to test this)
Could you remove the relevant entry from bugs.txt now that you fixed it, and in release-notes.txt note that Mac/BSD deadlock while (re-)configuring RS232 is also fixed?

	- Eero

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