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On 26.4.2022 1.24, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 25.4.2022 18.02, J.Young wrote:
2) break on *any* loaded symbol not just a specific one.

First of the attached patches does that.  Please test.

Feature is small and isolated enough that I've pushed it.

Also general debugger requests:

1) when disassembling at an address, sometimes I want to peek at the code above.

could an option like 'd -<number of byte/instructions>' or just 'd -' for a page above be added to allow moving back a bit in the disassembly?

You can already do that with:
     d "pc-<bytes>"

The problem is that disassembly started at random offset can produce garbage.  There's no way to backtrack / sync instruction address either, as long as one does not know what those instructions are.

If you enable debugger history, you get that information, if those instructions were executed before debugger was entered.

Second patch adds debugger support for taking default disassembly address (when re-entering debugger) from execution history when history is enabled.

Please test and comment on that too.

Can you patch & build Hatari with that i.e. test it?

	- Eero

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