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I am wondering if the following breakpoint conditions can be added:

1) break on memory address access rw (b, w or l).

2) break on *any* loaded symbol not just a specific one.

Also general debugger requests:

1) when disassembling at an address, sometimes I want to peek at the code above.

could an option like 'd -<number of byte/instructions>' or just 'd -' for a page above be added to allow moving back a bit in the disassembly?

2) Also, when disassembling consider this code segment:

0008DD84 2f0a                     MOVE.L A2,-(A7) [00000000]
0008DD86 2f0b                     MOVE.L A3,-(A7) [00000000]
0008DD88 2648                     MOVEA.L A0,A3
0008DD8A 2039 0011 6e8a           MOVE.L $00116e8a [00000000],D0
0008DD90 670c                     BEQ.B #$0c == $00000000 (F)
0008DD92 2240                     MOVEA.L D0,A1
0008DD94 2451                     MOVEA.L (A1) [602e0162],A2
0008DD96 204a                     MOVEA.L A2,A0
0008DD98 224b                     MOVEA.L A3,A1
0008DD9A 6100 fe26                BSR.W #$fe26 == $0008dbc2

The last line references $0008dbc2 which actually has a symbol:

0008DBC2 48e7 0038                MOVEM.L A2-A4,-(A7)

Request the disassembler to replace the addresses with symbols if available.

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