[hatari-devel] SCSI DMA Control

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I've found that looking at the Hatari code is often a useful way of 
understanding how real hardware works, although of course I realise that it may 
not always be 100% accurate.

I have been trying to figure out why bit 7 of 0xff8715 on a real TT is set 
(that's part of SCSI DMA control).  However, I couldn't find anywhere in Hatari 
that sets it.  So I have 2 questions:
(1) did I miss something?
(2) even if Hatari never sets it, apparently real hardware does set it 
sometimes.  Does anyone know the conditions that would set this bit?  I looked 
in the TT030 Hardware Reference Manual, but all it said was that it is only set 
by reads, and it is cleared by a read.


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