Re: [hatari-devel] Debugger features ideas/wishes

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Le 13/09/2021 à 16:49, Toni Wilen a écrit :

It sounds not worth the trouble, also I don't think it can work in all situations because for example some instructions can have multiple "temporary effective addresses" (like 68020+ new addressing modes), some FPU and 68030 MMU instructions also can be quite "non-standard".

It would be relatively easy to "mark" different parts of disassembly string (with some special values or in a separate array) and let the GUI to do the parsing.


do you mean you could add such an array with some index/len variables for each part of the disasm line or that it should be the Hatari GUI to do the split/parsing (which might not be as precise) ?

being able to have different color per part could be easier to follow in a GUI.

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