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On 4.9.2021 18.40, Thomas Huth wrote:
schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I think I got the Hatari modifications extracted
from Steven's Github repo, they're in the attached

Would this part of those changes be acceptable:

I definitely don't like the idea of having yet another way of
triggering the debugger (i.e. the ioMemTab*.c changes) ...

My thoughts exactly.

we have already two ways of triggering the debugger (natfeats and xbios), that
should be enough, shouldn't it?

Xbios one has been stated as deprecated for years
in the debugger part of the manual, but from start
of this year it's been listed as deprecated also
in the release notes.

Any debugger invocations should use NatFeats.
There's plenty of documentation and example code
for using NatFeats, and Hatari has already option
for enabling it *and* automated tests.

	- Eero

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