Re: [hatari-devel] Suggestion for small change to documentation

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Am Thu, 04 Mar 2021 16:53:39 -0500
schrieb "Roger Burrows" <anodyne@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I happened to read the README-first.txt file of Hatari release 2.3.1,
> and it says (re the version of EmuTOS shipped):
> "However, if you want to play games or watch demos, you should better
> use an original TOS ROM image since some games and demos do not work
> very well with EmuTOS yet."
> That's not bad, although a little discouraging.  So I thought I'd see
> what it said for the oldest online version (1.2.0) which is from
> 2009.  Perhaps unsurprisingly (because we all know about keeping
> documentation current), it says exactly the same thing.
> IMO, due to the efforts of many people, EmuTOS is a lot more
> compatible these days than it used to be, although there are still
> problems with some games and demos.  And doc/emutos.txt reflects that
> very fairly, so thanks to everyone for keeping that current!
> But in order not to discourage newcomers to Hatari/EmuTOS too much,
> perhaps the text in README-first.txt could be changed to something
> like:
> "EmuTOS is compatible with almost all Atari software, including most
> games and demos.  However, some games and demos do not work properly
> with EmuTOS, so you would need to use an original Atari TOS ROM image
> to run them.  For more detailed information, please see
> doc/emutos.txt."

Sounds like a good suggestion! Maybe we could also add some rationale
for the incompatibilities in there, a la: "However, some games and
demos do not work properly with EmuTOS (since they are hard-coded to
the layout of one of the original TOS versions for example), so you
would need..." ?

Anyway, the README-first.txt is not part of the git repo, so I hope
Nicolas can update that for the next release when he copies that file
over into the new package.


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