[hatari-devel] Suggestion for small change to documentation

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I happened to read the README-first.txt file of Hatari release 2.3.1, and it 
says (re the version of EmuTOS shipped):

"However, if you want to play games or watch demos, you should better use an 
original TOS ROM image since some games and demos do not work very well with 
EmuTOS yet."

That's not bad, although a little discouraging.  So I thought I'd see what it 
said for the oldest online version (1.2.0) which is from 2009.  Perhaps 
unsurprisingly (because we all know about keeping documentation current), it 
says exactly the same thing.

IMO, due to the efforts of many people, EmuTOS is a lot more compatible these 
days than it used to be, although there are still problems with some games and 
demos.  And doc/emutos.txt reflects that very fairly, so thanks to everyone for 
keeping that current!

But in order not to discourage newcomers to Hatari/EmuTOS too much, perhaps the 
text in README-first.txt could be changed to something like:

"EmuTOS is compatible with almost all Atari software, including most games and 
demos.  However, some games and demos do not work properly with EmuTOS, so you 
would need to use an original Atari TOS ROM image to run them.  For more 
detailed information, please see doc/emutos.txt."

Also, two short notes about URLs in the same file:
(1) The URL for Hatari still says "http://hatari.tuxfamily.org/"; - shouldn't it 
be "https://hatari.tuxfamily.org/"; ?
(2) The URL for EmuTOS is now officially "https://emutos.sourceforge.io/";, 
although the old URL currently redirects there anyway.


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