Re: [hatari-devel] An issue with a demo "We Were @" by Oxygene

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Cyprian Konador schrieb:

I've just checked 2.2.0 and that issue is still present there for both
RAM configurations.
Attached you can find my configuration files and some screenshots for
2MB and 4MB RAM size

I think it was not clear to Nicolas that you were using the harddisk
version of that demo, i.e., WeWereHD.prg, under GEMDOS emulation. With
that, I can reproduce your report.

--trace gemdos shows:
WARN : PREVENTED: program 0x0 accessing program 0x124d8 file handle 0.

I assume that the HD loader for that demo completely takes over memory
and therefore this safeguard (that checks against the current PD) fails:

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