Re: [hatari-devel] An issue with a demo "We Were @" by Oxygene

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Le 10/02/2021 à 14:41, Cyprian Konador a écrit :
Hello Team,

Grzybson from <> forum has faced an issue with We Were @ by Oxygene under Hatari.

Download link <> found there: <>

I've checked under Hatari 2.3.1 with a clean setup plus: "System" changed to "STE", "Memory" to 2 or 4MB, "Hard disks" only GEMDOS drive.

2MB RAM stuck at: <>

4MB RAM stuck at: <>


I tested with a slightly older that was released soon after the party but only worked with 4MB -> no error

I also tested with this more recent that supports 2MB by loading from disk in between -> no error either with 2 or 4 MB.

This is with tos 1.62 fr (although I doubt it makes any difference) and "cycle exact" enabled in CPU prefs (which should be the default)

Is cycle exact enabled in your case ? also in "system" "patch timer d" should not be enabled.

Can you test with hatari 2.2 to see if you have similar error ?


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