Re: [hatari-devel] Possible bug in 060 exception stack frames

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Le 19/01/2021 à 10:24, Thorsten Otto a écrit :
On Dienstag, 19. Januar 2021 09:31:40 CET Nicolas Pomarède wrote:

 > (the differences are often for bus error as they don't really exist on

 > Amiga

Yes, i know. Address must error is caused by something different. I meant the handling of the floating point exceptions. Most of the errors in the log are from different FPSR values, and i thought that should be fixed now by Toni's recent changes.

I don't think there's anything different with fpu errors, fpp.c should be identical to winuae's fpp.cpp.
Let's see if Toni can get the same error on the Amiga side or not.

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