Re: [hatari-devel] Shalll we remove deprecated features like SDL 1.2 now?

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I'm still using my old G5 Quad ;).

hatari run prety well , at least in ST émulation.


Le 02/01/2021 à 18:39, Bob Carpenter a écrit :

I completely agree that the latest released SDL 2 framework should always be used. 

I also agree that, at this point, Hatari should not worry about supporting PowerPC machines or people running macOS 10.5 or earlier. 10.5 was released in 2007. If someone is still running that old of an OS, it is doubtful their Mac will be powerful enough to run recent versions of Hatari well. 

Listening to Thomas’ and Nicolas’ comments, it sounds like it would make development easier for them if SDL 1.2 and the old UAE core were removed. That is enough for me to suggest the deprecated features be removed. 

Bob C

On Sat, Jan 2, 2021 at 1:29 AM Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On MacOs, if you build yourself hatari, be carefull to ever use the
latest SDL 2 lib or framework, as many bugs are corrected. Best thing to
do is to have a fresh SDL repo and build the latest framework.

SDL 2 do not work on 10.5 and beyond, on PowerPC, but who care ? I'm
still able to build Hatari 2.3 on my G5 with SDL 1.2, if any interest...
No more MacOsx GUI, though.


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