Re: [hatari-devel] Suspected problem iwith TimerD patch

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On 11 Dec 2020 at 0:24, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> * There's a command line option and GUI setting to
>    enable/disable timer-D patching, one doesn't
>    need to change Hatari code for that (by default
>    Timer-D patching is disabled in Hatari)
If you disable the old timerD patching via the GUI, neither Hatari nor EmuTOS 
have good performance.  If you make my change, both have good performance.  
That was my point about the patch.  My change does NOT disable patching.

> * While Timer-D can have very noticeable *Hatari*
>    performance impact, I don't see any noticeable
>    impact on the emulated game, EmuTOS or TOS4
>    performance.  They still have the same 4x
>    performance difference, regardless of whether
>    timer-D is patched or not.
I did see a difference.  That's why I posted.  I will be following up on 
Nicholas's suggestion re testing on 2.3.  At some point (subject to shipping 
from China), I'll be receiving EPROMs so I can burn EmuTOS for the Falcon.  If 
the cause of the problem is still undetermined by then, I'll be testing Bomb 
Squad on real hardware with TOS & EmuTOS.  That should conclusively prove 
whether it's an EmuTOS issue or a Hatari issue.


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