Re: [hatari-devel] DSP and debugger - suggested enhancement

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On 10/20/20 11:33 PM, Roger Burrows wrote:
I've been using the DSP debugger recently, mostly to display and disassemble
DSP memory.  It's been very useful when testing the recently-added EmuTOS DSP
support, so many thanks to Hatari for supporting this!

However I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a way to alter DSP memory from
the debugger.  There are a couple of times recently when I would have found
that useful.  But you should know that after I finish my current round of
testing, I'll probably never use the DSP debugger again, so I cannot claim this
is an important feature :-).  And there is certainly no requirement for changes
before the release.

Sounds useful, so I'll implement it at some point (probably not this week, but who knows).

And besides dspmemwrite, would dsploadbin &
dspsavebin commands be also useful
(for file <-> DSP mem writes)?

Would it need different syntax than for CPU,
or is the same OK?

	- Eero

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