Re: [hatari-devel] FDC Memory Snapshot Restore not fully working

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Le 08/09/2020 à 23:31, D C a écrit :
I had a look at the source and I found the issue.
It's not saving the current DMA address.

Just need to add the following line to the snapshot and it works fine now:

     MemorySnapShot_Store(&FDC_DMA_Address, sizeof(FDC_DMA_Address));


thanks for reporting this ; I see I even left a comment at the time hatari 2.1 was released :

Uint32 FDC_DMA_Address; // TODO : move into FDC_DMA_STRUCT (which will change memory snapshot)

But completely forgot to move it :(

So, instead of calling MemorySnapShot_Store, FDC_DMA_Address is now in the FDC_DMA struct, which is already saved/restored.

Can you check this fixes your problem ?

btw, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm squall (Hataroid) from the atari-forum 🙂

Welcome here ; very nice android port you did with Hataroid.
Are you planning an update ?


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