Re: [hatari-devel] New SYNC release - new comment on emulation :)

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Le 05/07/2020 à 18:46, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
I'm not in favor of too many settings - but this might be a case where both emulating all these lines is correct, and at the same time by default not showing them. Else every single Hatari window will have an additional 18 lines at the top not doing anything, and which practically no ST system ever displayed.

Does the windowed SDL approach preclude dynamically changing window size? My thinking is that, by default, if there's _no_ change to color 0 during those 18 lines, don't show them.


as you say, this might be tricky to decide this automatically. For example, your program change color 0 during these lines, so one could try to switch automatically to a larger top border to show them (SDL allows to change screen size on the fly, it happens already in falcon mode where some resolutions are sometimes "very different" in the same demo).

But on the other end, we have also the case of some depackers that write to ff8240 while depacking, thus potentialy writing to color 0 during those top lines just after vblank is off. Triggering a larger top border in that case could give strange result on screen (like top border going larger,then smaller, then larger and so on).

Another possibility I had in mind would be to have some kind of settings like the knobs on analog CRT monitor to define top/bottom visible line and left/right visible part too. For example, display screen from HBL 15 to 298 and from horizontal cycles 4 to 480 (mixing the result with the state of VBLANK/HBLANK).

This could be combined with automatically displaying a few more top lines in SDL windowd if the 60/50 hz switch used to end VBLANK earlier is detected for 5 consecutive VBL for example.


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