[hatari-devel] New SYNC release - new comment on emulation :)

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Hi all,

Common lore is that an Atari can display a maximum of 274 lines fullscreen. However, while that's indeed the number of lines available from first graphics line (DE active) to start of 50Hz VBLANK, it's possible to skip the start of VBLANK to gain an additional two lines of graphics (and 30 odd pixels or so of line 277 until VSYNC kicks in and forces an end to the graphics).

So, 276.

However, that's _graphics lines_. The top border starts earlier than the earliest possible graphics line, and in borders you can do raster effects etc. This is currently not emulated in Hatari, those 9 lines are not displayed.

So, 285

Today, at Sommarhack, I released a new SYNC screen that starts the top border even earlier than that, an additional 9 lines earlier. Still "only" border, so only raster effects possible, but it's still something supported by the hardware.

So, 294

Of course, seeing all these lines is difficult. My Dell 2001FP can, but I need to manually modify vpos up and down - cannot see all at the same time.

The reason this is possible is that the normal top border starts when 50Hz VBLANK ends. As could be expected, there's a 60Hz VBLANK end as well in GLUE. I simply trigger that one instead.



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