[hatari-devel] bugreport: ACSI-diskimage access - bogus/bouncing command byte

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Hi all,

as this is my first experience in mailing-list communication I do
apologize for potential inapropriate behaviour.

I could not access an ACSI diskimage, and tracing the ACSI-communication
I found a bogus byte in the command block.

A slight correction in "hdc.c" fixed the problem (in my environment) and
since then diskimage mounts perfectly.

I would like to provide the modified "hdc.c", and a more detailed
explanation, but I don't know, if it is possible to attach it to the
mail ???


My environment:
Linux, OpenSuse leap 15.1, kernel: 4.12.14-lp151.28.52-default  x86-64,
4 cores

v 7.5.0 (SUSE Linux)

hatari:     v 2.2.1
emulation:  Atari 1040 ST, memory: 4MB
TOS:        1.04

MBR:        Original Atari partitioning
            4 partitions
            Bootsector 1.partition = #2
HD driver:  HuSHI-Junior, v 2.16
            H.D. Jankowski & J.F. Reschke (c) 1989-1991
            (in bootsector of first partition)

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