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On 5/17/20 3:17 PM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 5/17/20 2:37 PM, benoît tuduri wrote:
I tried on the osx atari-hd-image but it doesn't work because it seems
not have mkdosfs.
What would have to be done for the script to become universal, i.e.
run on linux, windows and osx, migrate it in golang ?

To use the scripts, you just need to install
the tools they need.   On other OSes installing
them may be harder, but there's *no* point in
re-implementing in Hatari huge amount of
functionality that they provide.

Only thing that could be done for it, would be
converting rest of the shell scripting [1] to
single language (Python).  It will still needs
mkdosfs + mcopy from Mtools though.

[1] It started as shell script, but then parts
needed real programming language, which was done
with Python, but half of it is still done with
shell scripting (including calls to standard shell
binaries like rm, dd, awk).

> Writing things in Golang wouldn't gain anything.

I think Golang is pretty OK as language. But
while linking everything statically removes
library dependencies, it makes binaries huge.

How can run it without install linux ?

In Windows, you can install several Linux distros
directly from the Windows store, and run them on
top of the Windows Linux subsystem (WSL1), or VM

	- Eero

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