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After testing Linux, I tried several NetBSD
versions. Because latest v9.0 initializes screen
way too late, I'm mainly using slightly older
v8.1 release.

I wasn't able to get any of them past the boot
time HW detection, it always ends either in:
- vm_fault() loop (SMALL030 kernel)
- trap loop (Falcon kernel), or
  it does "2s" never ending device state
  stabilization wait.

I noticed that BSD uses 8KB MMU page size:
DEBUG: MMU disabled PC=0001548c
DEBUG: 68030 MMU enabled. Page size = 8192 PC=00014a18
DEBUG: Calling DSP_Reset?
DEBUG: Calling DSP_Reset?
DEBUG: Calling DSP_Reset?
DEBUG: Illegal instruction: 25ca at 02EA3F7A -> 0000208E
DEBUG: Illegal instruction: 25ca at 02EA3E02 -> 0000208E
DEBUG: Illegal instruction: 25ca at 02EA3C46 -> 0000208E

Could that cause any issues (as I think most
other things use 4K pages)?

Linux was also showing "DSP_Reset?" messages
(and IDE reset messages) which come from Hatari's
PSG-A implementation.  I'm starting to think that
there might be some bug with that.

	- Eero

Kernel loader:


Command line to start when loadbsd.ttp & NETBSD-FALCON are in current directory: hatari-prg-args.sh --monitor vga --log-level debug --fast-forward on --fast-boot on --machine falcon --dsp none --mmu on -s 14 --disk-a blank-a.st --ide-master 64MB.img --gemdos-drive z . -- Z:LOADBSD.TTP -b NETBSD-FALCON

(fast-boot is needed for hatari-prg-args, vga for NetBSD screen to look correct.)

Blank 64MB IDE image is created with:
atari-hd-image.sh 64 64MB.img

NetBSD Atari arch source code:

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