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Le 22/12/2019 à 21:38, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

Unless there's still something else that needs to
be fixed, or other objections, I'll add in few
days following to manual (most likely before
the "Features" section).

What about things like MFP 1 & 2 and SCC A & B,
Videl & Shifter, Microwire, PSG, FDC, IKBD, Joypads, or HW interfaces supported on all
machine, like cartridge, MIDI in/out, parallel
& RS-232, should those be in it too?


except MFP 2 and SCC, all other components are common to all machines and mandatory for a basic emulation, so maybe it's enough to mention them with a few sentences, but not include them in a matrix ?

MFP2 and SCC coud be added to the matrix IMO (for the same reason that DSP is in the matrix)

     - Eero

Atari HW support matrix

              ST    STe   MegaST  MegaSTE  TT  Falcon
HD interface:
ACSI         x     x       x      x       x    -
IDE         [1]   [1]     [1]    [1]     [2]   x
SCSI         -     -       -      -       x    x
Other HW:
56001 DSP    -     -       -      -       -    x
Blitter     [3]    x       x      x       -    x
Microphone   -     -       -      -       -    x
MMU          -     -       -      -       x    x
RTC          -     -       x      x       x    x
Stereo DMA   -     x       -      x       x    x
TT-RAM       -     -       -      -       x   [4]

x = Stock machine configuration
[1] Requires EmuTOS or TOS 2.06
[2] Requires EmuTOS or Linux
[3] Add-on, supported since TOS 1.02
[4] Hatari patches TT-RAM support to TOS v4.04

(512k version of EmuTOS included with Hatari binary packages supports all Atari HW.)

Maybe [3] should be more precise by adding it's an add-on existing on real HW ? Else one could think it's an add-on in Hatari but that it does exist else where .


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