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On 12/21/19 2:11 PM, Christian Zietz wrote:
Eero Tamminen schrieb:
That HW matrix could look something like this:

             ST    STe   MegaST  MegaSTE  TT  Falcon
Blitter    [x]    x      [x]     x       x    x

[x] = supported only with TOS 2.06 / EmuTOS

Why is that?
At least on real HW, the Blitter is supported with TOS 1.02
and above.

I did the matrix quickly, didn't really verify things much. I was thinking that if the matrix
seems useful, we'd discuss what's in it.

(I only checked that TOS 1.02 desktop doesn't use
blitter, but according to TOShyp, it does seem to
support Blitmode() XBios call, which is what
actually matters.)

Also, what should the matrix show exactly? The "stock" configuration of
the different computers, so that a user can configure Hatari to emulate
a certain machine?
In that case Blitter needs to be removed from the ST
column. Afaik, no ST was delivered with the Blitter installed.

"x" is for stock configuration and "[x]" for other
things Hatari supports for given machine, when
suitable TOS version is used.

Also TT-RAM needs to be removed from the Falcon column.
The Falcon only supported ST-RAM.

Ok, that needs to be marked as "[x]" then.

Hatari patches TOS versions for some things
(TT-RAM with TOS v4?). I guess some of those
need to be mentioned too, to avoid confusing

=> may be better to use [1], [2] etc, instead of
   [x], to have all those explained...

	- Eero

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