Re: [hatari-devel] Wrong stackframe for non-autovector IRQ and CPU >= 68020

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Nicolas Pomarède schrieb:

> Then as pointed in the previous email, Exception_normal should be
> further changed to pass "vector" to Exception_build_stack_frame_XXX else
> in case of a vectored interrupt the stack will not be correct (this
> should be reproducible in the case of the Amiga).
> As confirmed by christian with the above changes in Hatari the interrupt
> vector address stored in the stack is correct when using mmu or mmu030
> modes and 68000 CE mode is correct too, so only _normal case need to be
> fixed.

BTW, is this bug supposed to be still open? Testing with the latest
Hatari snapshot, I still see the wrong (i.e., autovector) exception
number in the stackframe for a non-autovector IRQ. To quote from my
email in May: "Interestingly, the stack frame is correct for 68010 CPUs
or when I use a 68030 *including* MMU emulation."

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