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Hi Thomas,

On 12/21/19 1:50 PM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 12/20/19 9:03 AM, Thomas Huth wrote:
Apart from the RTC, they don't have that much in
common. Mega-ST features should be mentioned in the ST section, and
Mega-STE features should simply be mentioned in the STE section.

I think that was OK when RTC was its own option,
but now that there are separate machine settings,
I'd rather have them in separate section(s) for

To avoid the confusion, attached patch continues
this by separating different Mega models to
separate sections.

It also:
* adds separate section for CPU / FPU emulation
* splits emulator features from HW features,
   like they're in release notes, plus adds some
   missing items there
* removes "most of the ST specific hardware"
   item as I think Hatari now implements all
   ST HW features

Nicolas liked above, and it corresponds better
with the HW differences table I just added.

Attached is updated version of those changes,
does that look better to you?

(Except that I just noticed that I missed
blitter for MegaST.)

Btw. System dialog section mentions that
the emulated ST add-on blitter is Ricoh,
but Mega-ST one is IMP one.  I think these
could be also mentioned at the HW emulation

What Blitter types are emulated for
STE, Mega-STE and Falcon?

	- Eero

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