[hatari-devel] Something broken in Hatari recently?

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Check the icon texts in the attached screenshots. With latest Hatari
git version, TOS v4 fonts look broken.

This doesn't happen with 2.2.1 release, and I don't see it with TOS
v3/TT, or older TOS versions. Neither cache emulation, prefetch nor
MMU options affect it. I haven't tested Falcon for a while, but I
think this is recent issue.

If you look at the TERRAIN.TRS file name in grab002.png image,
you can see that character 'R' is in some screen location rendered correctly, and in some other location incorrectly. I.e. problem
isn't font data in ROM, but rendering it to screen (drawing of
the desktop folder contents utilizes blitter, but I think texts
are drawn with CPU).

Does somebody else see the same issue?

	- Eero

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