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Le 25/04/2019 à 20:35, Thomas Huth a écrit :
On 25/04/2019 18.14, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:

while looking at the code for ncr5380, I see that when IRQ is set it
calls "FDC_SetIRQ(FDC_IRQ_SOURCE_HDC)" which is connected to the same
FDC IRQ pin on the MFP.

But on the TT's schematic, the NCR5380's IRQ pin is connected to the 2nd
MFP on GPIP's bit 7.

Thomas, is this a temporary hack to use FDC int on the main MFP to make
ncr5380 work until the TT MFP is available ?

The FDC_* functions should only be called in Falcon mode. Falcon does
not have the second MFP, so the NCR5380 is wired differently here - it
uses the same IRQ as ACSI on the normal STs.

By the way, looking at the falcon's schematic, I don't see where all the FD/HD IRQ signals are coming from ? (the usual pdf doc is of rather bad quality)

MFP IO5 is connected to IDEIRQ and XDISKINT (page 2). But I don't see IDEIRQ (I thought it would be on combel) and XDISKINT ? Then on DMA chip U36, I see HDINT, FDINT and XDISKINT. FDINT is coming from the ajax floppy controller, but where are HDINT and XDISKINT ?
Does combel combine HDINT and FDINT as input to create XDISKINT as output ?


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