Re: [hatari-devel] Old UAE core (was External disassembler and FPU instructions)

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On 19/04/2019 09.42, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Note that at one point, the old core will be dropped anyway. People who
> need this core due to too old machine will need to use an older version
> of Hatari (for now 2.2 still has the old core).

We've got quite a bunch of old stuff lying around now that we sooner or
later want to get rid off:

- Old UAE core
- SDL1.2 support
- Python2 support (Python 2 is end of life in 2020)
- External disassembler
- Maybe the ENABLE_SMALL_MEM code paths [*]

So just an idea: Let's make sure that we properly mark all this as
deprecated in our docs, then do one more release (2.3) with all the old
stuff still included, and then afterwards, we discard all the old code
and do a new major release (3.0) next.


[*] Not sure about ENABLE_SMALL_MEM ... maybe we should rather make this
the default instead? Recent computers should be fast enough, so that we
do not really need the STRam[16MB] array hack anymore, do we?

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