[hatari-devel] External disassembler and FPU instructions

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It seems that internal disassembler misses some fmovem variant:

> d $00002a16
$002a16: 670c            beq.s     $2a24
$002a18: f229            DC.W      $f229
$002a1a: d0ff            DC.W      $d0ff
$002a1c: 03bc            DC.W      $03bc
$002a1e: f229 9c00 041c  fmovem    $41c(a1),fpiar/fpsr/fpcr
$002a24: f369 0428       frestore  $428(a1)
> setopt --disasm uae
Selected UAE CPU core internal disassembler.
> d $00002a16
002A16 670c            BEQ.B #$0c == $00002a24 (F)
002A18 f229 d0ff 03bc  FMOVEM.X (A1,$03bc) == $002df6a8,FP0-FP7
002A1E f229 9c00 041c  FMOVEM.L (A1,$041c) == $002df708,FPIAR/FPSR/FPCR
002A24 f369 0428       FRESTORE (A1,$0428) == $002df714

	- Eero

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