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Yes, the macOS version will load hatari.cfg as the default configuration file if you save your config with that name. However, there is no menu item that says “save default configuration” so, unless you have read the documentation or know Hatari, I can see why the author of the article did not think there was a way to do this. 

Unlike Linux and Windows, the macOS version saves its config files in: ~/Library/Application Support/Hatari.. 

Bob C

On Fri, Mar 8, 2019 at 10:08 AM Christian Zietz <czietz@xxxxxxx> wrote:

German publisher Heise (probably best know for their long-standing c't
magazine) also has an Apple-centric magazine called "Mac & i" (sic). On
their website, they have an article reviewing emulators for retro
computer available on the Mac:
I don't know whether that article also appears in a printed edition of
the magazine.

Anyway, Hatari (of course) and also EmuTOS get a mention; although in
the latter case it's a rather unfriendly one: "EmuTOS, a legal variant
of the Atari software, only has a very limited compatibility with
respect to games." :-( I wonder what they tested.

As for Hatari, they criticize that there is no way to save a default
configuration. Isn't there really one, on a Mac? On Linux and Windows,
Hatari will of course load "hatari.cfg" from the respective directory at


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