Re: [hatari-devel] Pending work to finish before next release 2.2 ?

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Good idea.

I've got a bug to find, probably in the DSP code (Extream coder sent me a part of the source code of his latest demo called "why" and I'm trying to find a bug that appear in the first effect (the voxel landscape)).

But nothing that should delay a new release.



Le 23/01/2019 à 23:43, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On 1/23/19 10:19 AM, Thomas Huth wrote:
On 2019-01-22 18:12, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
our latest release 2.1 was in february 2018, so it might be time to
release hatari 2.2 soon :)

Full agreement, it's really time for a new release. Especially since a
couple of distros are using GCC 8.x now, and that spills out quite a bit
of ugly warnings when you compile Hatari v2.1.

Have any distro maintainers tried packaging the latest Hatari Mercurial
version / have they encountered any issues with that?

(I added Fedora Hatari package maintainer who has earlier reported
issues to recipients.)

On my side, I don't have anything to commit at the moment ; what about
other people ?

I've finished Python-UI Gtk3 & Python3 port, so that should be fine.
It would be good if people using different Linux distros would check
that it starts up fine and embeds Hatari window as expected because
there were issues with that in previous release.

(I wanted to redo the Python-UI config dialogs with new Gtk3 grid
widget, but I'll do that some time after 2.2 release.)

I've run tosboot tester extensively with EmuTOS, but I need to do
full runs also with all the original Atari TOS versions before

Thomas, maybe you have some scsi emulation code you'd like to include
before hatari 2.2 is released ?

I've got nothing pending right now. I consider SCSI emulation as done.

SCC input needs some more work in the future, but I don't have time to
work on that any time soon yet, so for the release, I think it's OK to
say that we only support SCC output emulation so far.

Should I look into adding the SDL GUI part for the SCC output emulation?

(I might have time for that next weekend.)

Somebody with Mac should probably make sure that Mac GUI works fine
and has everything needed.

In any case, for the people that committed code since hatari 2.1 was
released, can you have a look at "hg log" output and ensure all the
changes you pushed are correctly referenced in doc/release-notes.txt ?

I added now some more of the stuff that I did to the release-notes.txt.
From my side, everything should (hopefully) be ready for a new release now.

All my changes are in release notes.

Looking at our release checklist:

Is somebody doing these from it:
* Check that all programs/demos listed in compatibility.html as
  fixed during development still work, change their Hatari version
  to new release and make sure they're listed also in release-notes.txt
* Make sure that different Hatari build configurations work
  (all and none of optional dependencies being present, all optional
  featured enabled and disabled,  WinUAE & oldUAE CPU cores, SDL1 & SDL2)

    - Eero

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