Re: [hatari-devel] Pending work to finish before next release 2.2 ?

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On 2019-01-22 18:12, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Hello
> our latest release 2.1 was in february 2018, so it might be time to
> release hatari 2.2 soon :)

Full agreement, it's really time for a new release. Especially since a
couple of distros are using GCC 8.x now, and that spills out quite a bit
of ugly warnings when you compile Hatari v2.1.

> On my side, I don't have anything to commit at the moment ; what about
> other people ?
> Thomas, maybe you have some scsi emulation code you'd like to include
> before hatari 2.2 is released ?

I've got nothing pending right now. I consider SCSI emulation as done.

SCC input needs some more work in the future, but I don't have time to
work on that any time soon yet, so for the release, I think it's OK to
say that we only support SCC output emulation so far.

> In any case, for the people that committed code since hatari 2.1 was
> released, can you have a look at "hg log" output and ensure all the
> changes you pushed are correctly referenced in doc/release-notes.txt ?

I added now some more of the stuff that I did to the release-notes.txt.

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