Re: [hatari-devel] New drive image settings

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Hi Thomas,

> As far as I can see, HDDriver now works without problems with the new
> SCSI emulation in Hatari, or are you aware of any problem that is left?

I just tested a bit and could not find any obvious issue. Usually I'm
using the TT and not the Falcon emulation, though.

> > Thomas, have you tried CBHD? As that's the only other driver that is
> > target-driven you might observe similar problems.
> I just tried it for the very first time, but it seems only to crash
> when I try to boot from a HD image where I installed it...

I tried with CBHD 5.02 and 5.04, and there was no crash (neither in
Falcon nor in TT mode), but no drives were created for the existing
SCSI partitions. For IDE partitions drives were created, though.
I won't dig deeper into this, because naturally I'm not really interested
in CBHD. But looks as there is still a difference between the emulation and
real hardware, which causes CBHD to fail.

Note that I did not try to boot CBHD from an image but started it from a
GEMDOS drive (from the desktop). When did it crash for you, before or
after CBHD displayed it's startup message?

Best regards


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