Re: [hatari-devel] Hatari and OUTSIDE (virtual memory manager)

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> thanks a lot for this image, it saved me a lot of time :)
> I was able to boot it using this line :
> hatari -c ~/hatari_uwe.cfg -d '' --acsi 0=outside.img --tos tos306de.img
> This boots to desktop. If I start, then I get a crash with 
> 11 bombs, but Hatari doesn't crash like in your case.

How long did you wait after those bombs? I also get those bombs, and then
it takes several seconds (with Hatari running in full speed) before Hatari
itself crashes.

> I tried with and without "cycle exact mode", and in both cases I get a 
> crash in emulated atari tt, but Hatari itself doesn't crash, so I can't 
> really reproduce your issue, this might depend on compiler version and 
> other installed libraries or stack size (which doesn't mean the bug is 
> not present)
> In your case, does it work when "cycle exact mode / prefetch mode" are 
> not used, or does it crash too ? Did you find some settings in Hatari 
> that allowed not to crash ?

I did not find any setting where it did not crash. My compiler is gcc
7.3.0 with Linux.

> I will have a closer look anyway to see where those 11 bombs come from 
> after adding some custom traces for PMMU accesses (it's line-f 
> exception, but that's not necessarily related to the real error).

I assume that the 11 bombs already indicate the problem. Note that OUTSIDE
makes (legal) use of several unused bits in the page descriptors, e.g. to mark
pages as dirty, non-swappable etc. And correct handling of 68030 stackframes,
function codes, transparent translation registers and master stack pointer
is important.

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