[hatari-devel] Xcode 10.0 and i386

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A few days ago I saw that Xcode was updated on my computer, and after that I saw my automated macOS Hatari builds fail. Today I had time to look into why and it seems i386 is no longer allowed to be built with Xcode.

I'm currently pondering staying on an older Xcode or whether to drop i386 macOS builds. Currently we're backwards compatible to macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) which is ten years old, and it was also the last version of macOS that could be run on 32-bit only architecture (while many of them are 64). From 10.7 and up macOS has been 64-bit.

So I'm leaning towards dropping i386. We can always produce a legacy build like for PPC for releases.


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