Re: [hatari-devel] VBR as a breakpoint condition

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Le 06/09/2018 à 22:36, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On 09/06/2018 09:57 PM, Miro Kropáček wrote:
Hi there,

is there a way how to achieve something like

b vbr ! vbr

I.e. I'm interested in situations when VBR has been changed.
Currently the debugger complains about invalid string.

Please try the attached patch.

Assuming VBR, and rest of the special regs I added, don't
need any special access functions (like SR & PC need),
they "should" work fine with just that.

Only downside to adding new regs to debugger is if their
names would conflict with some program debug symbols,
because register names take always precedence over debug
symbols in the Hatari debugger.


note that some of these regs (cacr, vbr for example) are for >=68020 only, not 68000. A test of the cpu model should be added in such case when using these registers.


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