Re: [hatari-devel] Re: Disabling GEMDOS HD emulation (was EmuCON behaviour in the cartridge target)

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Le 20/08/2018 à 00:26, Thorsten Otto a écrit :
BTW this is all only needed because (part of) the GEMDOS emulation is placed
in the cartridge ROM area. There should be other ways to do this, making that
area free for real cartridges. That would also follow the principle of Hatari
of not being distinguishable from real HW; currently a user program could just
look at the cartridge area and check some magics there.


yes, maybe it could be written differently and intercept OS calls in a "stealthier" way, but I never really looked at this part to see what this would imply.

It's true that as it appears like a cartridge, some programs (a few demos) will refuse to start when HD emulation is ON, because it could be a "ripper" cartdridge. It's in the documentation, but it's sure it might not be obvious for newcomers.


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