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I have some Atari software and manuals, and a MIDI cable.  I no longer
have an ST, and my current computer doesn't have a floppy drive, so I
don't know whether the diskettes are readable.

I have put them on E-bay, very inexpensive, mostly to cover handling
(and some belonged to my brother):

Atari ST Sourcebooks for Basic and Logo (no diskettes)
Atari ST Never Mind game
Straight Fax! 2 for the Atari ST
GFA Draft Plus for the Atari ST
Regent Base for Atari ST manual (no diskettes)
Atari ST MIDI cable

I also have backup diskettes for Atari ST TDI Modula 2.  I made these a
few years ago from images on my then-current computer, which had a
floppy drive.  These are probably OK.  Send me a PDF for a postage-paid
shipping label for a #0 padded envelope and five diskettes (five US
ounces) and they're yours.  If shipping to a US destination, you can use
the media rate -- ought to be about $3.79.  I can email the
gzip-compressed images.  If you have a Linux machine with a floppy
drive, you can "dd" new diskettes.  Sorry, I sold the original diskettes
and manual last year.

I have files for Regent Base, but they might have been copied from
corrupted diskettes (1986).  Some are of size zero, so they were
obviously on corrupted diskettes.

Let me know if you want any of this stuff.


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