Re: [hatari-devel] IPF error messages

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On Samstag, 28. Juli 2018 15:27:15 CEST Toni Wilen wrote:
> What does these do:

 I have no idea ;) The first part is UAE specific code, Aranym does not do any 
cycle counting.

The 2nd (for aranym) just tests whether regs.specflags has been set (which 
happens eg. when some interrupt needs to be processed).

>I moved fastest possible mode CPU emulation completely to separate

Hm, not sure whether that works. Not only are there lots of places where 
global variables are read/written non-atomically, but most importantly signals 
might be delivered to the wrong thread (eg. SIGSEGV is only installed once at 
program start, but needs then to be processed by the jit thread).

Also i don't think that this will achieve much. When the jit thread is 
executing, the main thread can't do much, and will just have to wait for it to 
finish executing the current block.

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