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Background: I'm trying to save a simple AVI of Lethal Xcess with Hatari. Steem can't do that, so AVI recording looks like a killer feature in favor of Hatari. But I'm facing huge issues because of combination of many Hatari bugs. Let's try to fix things step by step, and do not mix issues.

- With official Hatari 2.0.0 binary for Windows: it seems that it is not possible to save an AVI file bigger than 4 GB (which happens after only 5 minutes of recording when using "--max-width 400 --avi-vcodec bmp"). After pressing AlrGr+Q (on French keyboad, which maps to A on QUERTY) to stop recording, an error message is displayed: "AVI recording : failed to update header". See screenshot. I suspect something like a 32-bit seek issue.

- With my HG binary for Cygwin: no problem. I saved a 30+ GB AVI without any issue.

Unfortunately, Hatari HG has both save/reload and high-pitched sound issue, so I can't use it for my video.

Vincent Rivière

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