Re: [hatari-devel] Keyboard layout and two small bugs

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On 05/06/2018 02:15 PM, Christian Zietz wrote:
Thorsten Otto schrieb:

This works for ä ö & ü (except that i have to use the left Alt key, AltGr just
does nothing), but not in all cases.

I think this is because AltGr (right Alt) is used for Hatari keyboard
shortcuts such as AltGr+M etc., so it cannot be mapped to the Atari

From my quick reading of src/keymap.c, only configured shortcut keys
should be ignored.

First check should be to trace what keys Hatari / SDL can actually
catch, with:
	--trace keymap	

Which are the cases that don't work for you? Maybe it'll help to list
them so they can be fixed as well when someone takes a look at the two
issues I wrote about.

	- Eero

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