Re: [hatari-devel] Keyboard layout and two small bugs (was: Two problems)

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On Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018 12:07:22 CEST Christian Zietz wrote:
> Be aware that you have to consider N * M cases then.
> What if someone with a German keyboard wants to run US TOS? Or French
> keyboard, German TOS? Etc.

That's of course up to the user, mixing different layouts will always produce 
always unpredictable results, or at least you have to think twice to know 
which key to press. But when using a german keyboard and a german tos, i would 
expect it to generate the characters that are printed on the keys. You won't 
be able to use a real Atari keyboard, after all.

>Why does it *prevent* you typing characters like brackets in Hatari?
>Simply use Alt+ö and so on, like you would do an Atari keyboard. It
>works fine.

This works for ä ö & ü (except that i have to use the left Alt key, AltGr just 
does nothing), but not in all cases. Also, it is a bit annoying to have to 
remember the Atari keyboard layout all the time, i often find myself open up a 
picture viewer with a screenshot of some atari keyboard when trying to find 
the correct key.

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