Re: [hatari-devel] Basic cpu testsuite

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On Samstag, 28. April 2018 10:33:53 CEST Thomas Huth wrote:
> Ok, that's a big patch .

Yes, but except for the already mentioned 2 changes, that is just a bunch of 
new files. No other Hatari code was changed (at least not by this patch, you 
still need to apply the Fwrite() patch).

>Did you write all the code on your own?

The libcmini was mainly written by Markus Fröschle. I did some fixes, and a 
few adjustments needed for the tos-less mode (avoiding calls like Pdomain, 
Fcntl etc. in the startup code). The tests itself were written by me. So yes, 
this can be licensed under GPL (including the source code of libcmini, if you 
want to).

>would it be feasible to merge the many tests into fewer PRGs?

As for now, the tests are rather rudimentary. Maybe you want to add more tests 
for the instructions later, so i thought it might make sense to split them. 
But it does not make much difference for the outcome of the tests. Just make 
sure to put tests like bfins etc. into a separate file, because they must be 
compiled with different compiler flags.

>Now we got some code that needs TurboAss

With a few changes, the TurboAss code can also be compiled by gas.

> Stuff like the "move sr,d0" vs. "move ccr,d0" ifdeffery of course
> won't work if the binary should be used for both, 68000 and 68010+
> CPU levels

Ah, yes. Forgot to mention that. It currently passes, but that might be only 
due to the missing illegal instruction handler.

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