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On 19/03/2018 à 05:36, Thorsten Otto wrote:
You could use the NF_NAME NatFeats feature, but unfortunately that is disabled
by default in Hatari.


By default, Hatari wants to be undetectable by software.

On the other hand, when started with "--natfeats yes", the NF_NAME NatFeats returns "Hatari". Old EmuTOS versions shown "Hatari" in machine name in that case. This was annoying because "Hatari" was hiding emulated hardware such as "ST", "Falcon", etc. I fixed guess_machine_name() in EmuTOS sources 2 years ago:

commit 8fdc9953f91b0a82714ff5b5f22ec27e2ec6afb4
Author: Vincent Rivière <vriviere@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Tue Apr 5 13:52:12 2016 +0200

    Show the emulated machine name on Hatari even with --natfeats yes

We could add hatari_machine_detect() in EmuTOS, just like aranym_machine_detect(). But it will only work when started with "--natfeats yes".

Vincent Rivière

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