[hatari-devel] Identifying the presence of Hatari

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Would it be possible to add something to Hatari to allow EmuTOS to be able to 
detect its presence?  As I'm sure you know, EmuTOS generally detects which 
hardware is present by probing various addresses.  When the hardware emulation 
is not complete, this can cause problems.  EmuTOS tries to detect this 
situation and work around it, but this is not always very easy.  If it were 
possible to detect the presence of Hatari (and preferably the version number), 
then the workaround would be greatly simplified.

The (latest) reason for this request is implementation of SCSI support in 
EmuTOS.  I don't expect a SCSI chip emulation soon (or in fact ever), but it 
would be nice to be able to just check for Hatari and automatically treat SCSI 
as not present, rather than trying to figure out ways of detecting 
partially-implemented hardware.


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